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Jim Till &
grandson Nik
(at age 2 yr)


Butterfly as symbol
of that which is
beautiful & positive
and of
creative thought

Evocative thoughts
about butterflies

A motto

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Jim Till

Ontario Cancer Institute, Room 9-416
University Health Network, 610 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2M9

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A Brief Biosketch:
I'm a semi-retired researcher at the Ontario Cancer Institute
in Toronto, Canada.  This research institute is associated with the
Princess Margaret Hospital, which, in turn, is part of the University
Health Network.

I'm also a University Professor Emeritus at the University of
Toronto, and retain an association with the Department of Medical
Biophysics and the Joint Centre for Bioethics.

I've done volunteer work for several agencies, including the
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the National Cancer Institute
of Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), the Cancer Information
Service of the CCS, the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance
(CBCRA), the Ontario Istitute for Cancer Research (OICR), the Cancer
Stem Cell Consortium and the Wellspring Centre. 

I have a long-term interest in research related to cancer control,
with an early emphasis on aspects of biophysics and quantitative
biology, and a more recent interest in issues related to quality of
life, knowledge transfer and bioethics.  A current interest is in
"e-health", and especially in the role that the Internet and online
knowledge transfer techniques can play in relation to quality-of-life
& bioethical issues. 

Some Links

An online resume: Posted at the website A summary of my research interests: Via a website at the University of Toronto Jim Till's Links: Cancer- and health-related links My blog, Be Openly Accessible or Be Obscure: Information about the Open Access (OA) movement
A list of publications relevant to "electronic support groups" (ESGs) is: Till JE, Discussion groups on the Internet: journaling. Can J Oncol. 1995(Sep); 5(3): 379-80. Abstract. Till JE. Cancer-related Internet Discussion Groups. Humane Health Care International 1995(Nov); 11(4): 142-3. Text. Mayer M, Till JE, The Internet: a modern Pandora's box? Qual Life Res. 1996(Dec); 5(6): 568-71. Abstract. Eysenbach G, Till JE, Ethical issues in qualitative research on Internet communities. BMJ 2001(10 Nov); 323(7321): 1103-05. Abstract. Text. Till JE, Evaluation of support groups for women with breast cancer: importance of the navigator role. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2003(May 1); 1(1): 16. Abstract. Text. Till JE, Cancer-related electronic support groups as navigation-aids: overcoming geographic barriers. Journal of Cancer Integrative Medicine 2004(Winter); 2(1): 21-4. Text.

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